Graphic Design
Graphic Design

11903740_10152958199506744_1716060031740190492_nOn a Personal Level

Just your average witty girl next door, with a mild addiction to Orchard Hill iced tea. You can find me holed up in a room somewhere with coffee in one hand and my tablet/laptop in the other. (talented I know!) Designing something or another.

Having lived numerous different places across Canada and I’ve become addicted to Canadian Culture. I’ve always been artistic, from dance and piano, to guitar and drama. After graduating high school I moved to Quebec. I loved speaking french and decided I wanted to do something that had to do with Languages. I started immersing myself into french courses when I moved back to Saskatchewan, but still wasn’t satisfied with what I was doing.

I found at one of my jobs I was in love with the most basic things, colour correcting photos, picking the perfect typeface for a Christmas card or mug. It was then I realized what I must do.

The Graphic Design Part

A Graphic Designer, Concept Master, and Networking Ninja. Capable of providing multiple resources that may be an asset in design emergencies, such as: photographers, illustrators, models, and actors.

Currently Aspiring to be an Art Director or Creative Director.

Specializes in Corporate Branding, and Advertising but, not adverse to other means of Graphic Design.